July 19, 2002
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“My child, the soul that seeks only to please Me will not be led astray. It is when people try to appeal to those in the world around them that they are easily led astray. Self-love takes over their heart and the virtues I desire them to have become shallow, false and practiced to impress others. Such souls are consumed with their reputation and their own position of importance. Then it is easy for error and every type of hypocrisy to sneak in and take over their hearts. The goal of genuine holiness eludes them which this is the loftiest goal a soul can have. Each one must pursue holiness first and not take so much account of the gifts they receive spiritually.”

“I do not call souls to be great in the eyes of men, but great in the eyes of God. This is the path of salvation and holiness.”