January 12, 2002
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate. I have come to explain to you the difference between holiness and sanctity. The holy one is righteous in many ways. He tries to lead a virtuous life most of the time. When he remembers to keep Me in the center of his heart he practices Holy Love. But there are, nevertheless, small areas of his heart he does not surrender to Me. Perhaps he does not consider the source of inspirations that come to him and, therefore, speaks or acts uncharitably. Perhaps through inordinate self-love, he is attached to the world in some way–be it his reputation, his opinion or his appearance.”

“Now the soul who reaches sanctity leaves everything behind except his love for Me and for his neighbor. The difference between the one who is holy and the one who is saintly is that the saint practices heroic virtue. Heroic virtue is virtue that the soul perseveres in despite personal cost. Therefore, when he is patient he has no thought towards ‘poor me – I must be patient in the face of this annoyance'. He does not consider himself humble or holy, but regards all others as more virtuous than himself and constantly pursues a deeper perfection in virtue. He is always ready to ‘go the extra mile' for Me.”

“You will please make this known.”