July 9, 1997
Blessed Virgin Mary

Blessed Virgin to Maureen: “Because hearts have become complacent and apathetic, God will allow this event to take place, so that He will be brought back to the center of lives. Your country has fallen asleep morally.” (Blessed Mother advised that quite a number of natural disasters were forthcoming in the United States. However, one in particular was going to be particularly devastating. Our Lady requested prayers for those who would die and also for those who would survive.)

“You have been given the gift of prophetic dreams. What you are being told by Me today you sensed in your dreams as a child.” (Maureen had had the same dream a couple of times a month for years.) “The worst part of your dream was – No one would listen to you. Pray and receive courage to circulate My foretelling of these events. I will pray with you that hearts open. In this grace give praise to Jesus.”