June 29, 2002
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate. I have come to help you understand the Scripture passage, ‘Not everyone who says – Lord, Lord – will enter the Kingdom of Heaven.' The passage goes on to say that it is those who do the Will of the Father who will enter paradise. I tell you, there are many who practice many devotions, have many gifts of the Holy Spirit, but it is all an exterior effort. Salvation is an interior process within the human heart. Souls that do not make the effort everyday to improve in Holy Love are cheating themselves, and being deceived by Satan. Such spirituality could be compared to eating a sumptuous meal, but not digesting the food. The entire purpose of the act is missed.”

“Holy Love embraces every virtue, just as humility does so. Without furthering the depth of these virtues, the spirit lies stagnant. Deepening of virtue can only be accomplished in the present moment and by a movement of the free will. If you desire a deeper holiness, it will be given to you. You will be shown where you need to love more–where you need to be more humble.”

“It is the souls who do not look within their own hearts that I fear for. Salvation is a moment to moment challenge in Holy Love–Holy Humility.”