November 5, 2002
Monthly Message to the Remnant Faithful
Jesus Christ

Jesus and Blessed Mother are here with Their Hearts exposed. Blessed Mother says: “Praise be to Jesus.” (Blessed Mother gave a personal message to Fr. Kenney.)

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate. I have come once again to address My Remnant Faithful. Today, the woes of the world can be summed up in one word–greed. This greed is founded on selfishness–an inordinate self-love. I have come into the world at this site as Divine Love–My Mother as Holy Love. This Love is juxtaposed to greed which brings hatred and unforgiveness into the heart.”

“The more the human heart is centered on self, the less he can surrender to Divine Love. The first step in surrender is to give up and give to Me all your wants. The second step is to give Me all your needs. The last step is to trust Me and My plans for you.”

“But when you look at the problems of the world today, you can see that, for the most part, people and nations trust only in themselves and their human efforts. This is why there is an escalated arms race, an unequal distribution of resources, abortion and embryonic experimentation, and every possible sin against human decency.”

“The world has not learned from its own history–that it cannot exist apart from God–that it cannot thrive outside of love. Indeed, earth is separating itself from the Divine, seemingly unaware of its dependence on the Divine Will.”

“Today, I am lifting up My Remnant Faithful as an army of love. You are My prayer warriors and My brigade of victim souls. It is only by merit of your efforts that the Arm of Justice is withheld.”

“The sacred journey of the Chambers of Our United Hearts has been reserved for this hour of tribulation; for this journey is the way out of violence, war and sin. This journey is the road to salvation, holiness, perfection and sanctity. I caution you, no one can make the journey without looking into his own heart. This is what holds many back.”

“It is only by Divine Love and Divine Mercy that the world has not seen even greater chastisement than it has. It is the foolhardy that do not see that. Earth must hasten to her conversion through Holy Love. My Mother weeps bitter tears for lives that will be cut short because of hatred in hearts.”

“In days to come the arrogant nation will be brought to its knees. What is hidden in darkness will be brought into the light. The just will cry out and be shown My Mercy. Indeed, the sun is setting on this age of hypocrisy, and rising on the age of truth.”

“My dear Remnant Faithful, in you is My hope. In you rests the security and the peace of the world at large. I am depending upon, and relying upon your relentless prayers and sacrifices; for it is by this means I can extend grace–extraordinary grace–to souls and to the world–graces that can change history forever.”

“I am asking you, My little lambs, to go amongst the wolves and propagate the Chambers of Our United Hearts. Do not fear the ways in which it is received. Some will accept it for what it is–the way of salvation, holiness and sanctity; others will doubt. Still others will reject what you offer completely. Do not lose heart. Persevere!”

“We extend to you the Blessing of Our United Hearts.”