September 7, 2002
St. Thomas Aquinas

St. Thomas Aquinas comes. He recites the Divine Praises; then he says: “All praise be to Jesus.”

“I have come to ask those who hear these Messages on the Chambers of the United Hearts to stop judging the messenger and to live the Message. Who among you, after all, deems himself worthy to receive such a message. In Truth, no one is worthy. Yet, this Message has been freely given to the world through God's Love and Mercy. The choice He made as His messenger–though seemingly unlikely–nevertheless was God's choice.”

“If you want to know the Heart of God, listen to and follow these Messages that lead you into His Heart. If you wish to know how you will be judged for all eternity, read the Messages. If you wish to become a saint, adhere to these Messages until your heart is one with them.”

“No one can truly follow this spiritual journey without being drawn into the Divine Will of God, and without being drawn into a deeply sacramental life.”

“Look past any flaws you perceive in God's choice as His messenger. After all, God cannot be mistaken. Look past the lack of high-powered approvals that, in Truth, are not necessary for your belief in this Revelation. In the future when approvals come, you will have missed a golden opportunity to become holy–even a saint.”