September 22, 2002
St. Thomas Aquinas

St. Thomas Aquinas comes. He bows towards me saying: “Praise be to Jesus ever present in your little heart when you are embracing Holy Love.”

“I have come once again to discuss with you the difference between hope and presumption.”

“The virtue of hope proceeds from a heart full of Holy Love, Holy Humility and Holy Trust. Such a heart is able to hope based on the faith that God desires only that which is best for him.”

“Presumption is based on pride. The presumptuous soul regards all things through the eyes of disordered self-love. He may presume he will be saved even though he leads an unrepentant life of sin. He believes he will receive salvation on his own terms, not God's terms. Such a soul trusts only in himself and makes no allowance for God's Will.”

“There are those in the world today–indeed in places of prominence–who believe they have certain virtues or even certain gifts of the Holy Spirit. But, once again I tell you that which is not based on humility of heart is Satan's counterfeit.”