October 14, 2002
Blessed Mother’s Treatise to Her Remnant Faithful and the Confraternity of the United Hearts
Blessed Virgin Mary

“I am Mary, Virgin Mother of God. Praise be to Jesus. I come to fill your heart and the world with My grace. I come to tighten the threads of the Remnant Faithful. I come to unite the Confraternity in Holy and Divine Love.”

“Please understand, My children, these perilous times in which you live, Satan is fighting his last battle. It is a decisive battle waged against Holy Love. The final victory will be a Victory of Love. But until the Triumph, My little ones will suffer much persecution. I speak not only of a persecution in the body, but in spirit, as well. In the spiritual battle which lies at hand, you will be able to persevere only through Holy Love.”

“Do not succumb to the lukewarm spirits around you; nor can you allow yourselves to be discouraged by the heresy and apostasy which abounds around you. You must be My warriors in this battle of good against evil. If you surrender to complacency or to popular opinion which may oppose Holy Love, you have chosen sides with My adversary. Persevere, My children–be My martyrs of love.”