October 16, 2002
Ezra (The Angel of Mercy and Love)

“I am the Angel of Mercy and Love–the one who protects the Mission. Praise be to Jesus.”

“Have I seen you before?”

“From a distance. I am Ezra. I have come to dictate this Prayer of Submission to Divine Love:

“Dear Jesus, pin my heart next to Your Most Sacred Heart on the Cross. Help me to die to the world as You did. Make my heart impervious to the arrows of slander and false accusations.”

“Collect my heart and all its emotions and immerse it in the Flame of Divine Love–the Flame of Your Heart. There, protect me from the allurements of the world. Preserve in my heart all that is pleasing to You, and strike far from it any seduction of Satan. Amen.”

“Repeat this prayer daily.”

He leaves.