October 18, 2002
Jesus Christ

As I was walking toward the chapel, Jesus and Mary greeted me on the path. Jesus said: “Look, Mother, I believe she is doing a good deed.” Blessed Mother just smiled and nodded.

In the chapel Jesus appeared. He said: “I am your Jesus, born Incarnate. I desire you realize that no good deed, no charitable word or loving thought that is based on Holy Love goes unrewarded by Me. I never forget any thought, word or deed that comes from Holy Love. I store such as these in My Sacred Heart forever.”

“When the soul comes to Me at judgment, I see all that he has accomplished in Holy Love, and all that he has not accomplished from a motive of love. His life is played back like a story book. All his sins were flaws in Holy Love. If he has sought My Mercy, they are forgiven and forgotten forever.”

“But his loving accomplishments are remembered by Me for all eternity.”