April 3, 1997
Thursday Rosary Service
Blessed Virgin Mary

“Our Lady is here as Mary, Refuge of Holy Love. She has the reliquary in front of her and the Cure' de Ars is standing next to her. She says: “Praise be Jesus. These little ones (relics in reliquary) are the ones that saved your apartment today. You must listen to the good Cure' when he says: “Do not let Satan ruffle your feathers or gain entry to your peace. Let us pray now for all unbelievers.”

“Dear children, I come once again to help you choose holiness, to choose good over evil, heaven over earth. Do not be dismayed when Satan tries to enter your soul through lack of peace, but come to this refuge of Holy Love that is my Heart. I am with you, my dear children. I am with you always and eternally. I am blessing you.”