December 7, 2002
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate. Thank you for loving Me enough to come here today (adoration).”

“My needs are simple. I need the love of each soul. Through this Holy and Divine Love will come the victory; but before the victory must come the surrender. I speak of the surrender of the human will to the Divine. Lack of peace–even war–is the consequence of lack of this surrender.”

“Centuries ago and days before My Mother appeared to Juan Diego as Our Lady of Guadalupe, the Bishop was praying and agonizing over the bitterness between the Aztecs and the Christians. He prayed many hours for the miracle of the conversion of the pagan Aztecs. The miracle came in the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe.”

“Today Heaven awaits the humble prayers of the Remnant. Many signs and miracles have been sent to earth–this time in an effort to convert those within the Church who are lukewarm, even apostates–this time to reconcile Christian and Muslim.”

“I am asking My Remnant to pray long and hard that the signs Heaven sends evoke recognition and faith upon the Church hierarchy. Pray that Heavenly signs and communications fall upon accepting hearts. Pray for the conversion of the proud and cynical. If My own do not believe, how can those outside of My flock?”