April 6, 1997
Divine Mercy Sunday
Blessed Virgin Mary

Blessed Mother is here as Mary, Refuge of Holy Love. She says: “Praise be Jesus, Alleluia! Dear children, pray with me now that God's Mercy will overcome all evil in the world.”

“Dear children, I come to you today so that you will love and have compassion for your fellow man. It is God's Mercy and God's Love that sends me to you once again. I want you to know, dear children, that Satan flees before the image, Mary, Refuge of Holy Love.”

“Make sure, my daughter, to tell the people that this image in your apartment vanquished the fire in the apartment complex.”

“Dear children, pray always for the lukewarm, for they are a particular sword in the Heart of My Son. Today I am blessing you with my Blessing of Holy Love.”