January 5, 2003
Monthly Message to The Remnant Faithful
Jesus Christ

Jesus and Blessed Mother are here in white with Their Hearts exposed. Blessed Mother says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

Jesus: “I am your Jesus, born Incarnate. I come to you during these times and for all eternity as Divine Love. I desire that you understand that as I have opened My Heart to you, I await My Triumph of Love when all hearts will open to Me.”

“My Mother's pleas and appeals–here and in other parts of the world–seem to fall on deaf ears. All that She forewarned concerning Satan's presence within the Church has now been undeniably revealed. Events in the world at large which My Mother predicted have also occurred. Some are yet to come if the wrath of My Father is not turned away through your prayers and sacrifices.”

“Today I am inviting this generation to recognize the precarious position that the world is in. Every nation, every government–indeed every soul–is only as secure as he is before God. No one can be secure before God outside of My Father's Will which is Holy Love. Understand, then, that Holy Love is the solution of every problem, the footpath to righteousness and the reconciliation between creature and Creator.”

“All of the fears, all of the insecurities you face in the world today, do not exist when you abandon yourself to Me through the gateway of Holy Love. I invite you to live in the Light of Truth where there is no compromise. I have come to you in truth to reveal to you not what you want to hear, but what you need to hear. So long as you have legalized abortion in the world, you will have war and many reasons for insecurity amongst nations.”

“Countries will never be at peace until they choose God first and neighbor second. When you begin to live in Holy Love, you will begin to see into Satan's compromises which lead to every kind of sin, including abortion. But if you allow your hearts to compromise Holy Love, your lives will be compromised, as well, and you will embrace untruths.”

“Satan's lies have led you to believe that abortion is freedom when it IS really slavery to sin. Humanity must first free himself of captivity to sin in order to bring peace into the world.”

“It is you, My Remnant Faithful, that must pull together in order that the pathway to Our United Hearts may be made known. Make amends to Our United Hearts for those who are apathetic and unremorseful. Make sacrifices, do penance and pray for the unrepentant.”

“It is you, My Faithful Remnant, that hold back the Arm of Justice in this hour of darkness which has fallen upon the world and the Church itself. You are the ones, if you choose it, who can suspend natural laws and change the course of human history.”

“My brothers and sisters, when you return to your points of origin, I desire that you imitate the Immaculate Heart of My Most Holy Mother which is Holy Love. It is through you I will strengthen and increase the Faithful Remnant. You must be the little lights in the world that lead to the pure Light of Divine Love.”

“We bless you now with Our Blessing of the United Hearts.”