July 19, 2003
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“Today, I have come to you Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity to defend the Truth. My defense would not be necessary if the Truth were upheld in hearts and within the Church and in this Diocese.”

“The Truth is – the Kingship belongs to Me. I am the Redeemer and King of all nations and of every heart. Where is it written in Church doctrine or dogma that I share or relinquish this right to the goddess Sophia or to a rock or to a crystal? When you lend credence to such practices you are not Catholics, but apostates.”

“I did not shed My Blood for each and every one of you so that you should worship an inanimate object. Nor did I die for you so that you could create controversy over the gender of My Father. You try My Patience and test My Mercy. You claim rights that are not yours to claim, and practice arrogance over faith, hope and love.”

“How long will you twist the truth? Continue – and it is a forbidden path you choose to follow. I do not debate the truth with you, for you do not recognize the truth. You call yourselves faithful dissenters. In truth you are the heretics of these latter days.”