April 5, 2003
Monthly Message to The Remnant Faithful
Jesus Christ

Jesus and Blessed Mother are here with Their Hearts exposed. Blessed Mother says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

Jesus: “I am your Jesus, born Incarnate. Today your nation stands in the shadow of the Cross. My Mother's tears fall all around you. But I am ever your Good Shepherd. I will lead you if you follow Me.”

“Some in the world choose darkness over Holy Love and perpetrate errors which serve to separate Heaven and earth. The United Hearts call every heart into union – union between Heaven and earth through Holy and Divine Love. I invite you to arm yourselves with this truth and to be a soldier of love.”

“There are many battlefronts in the world today – crimes against innocence, poverty, disease; but the most threatening is the invisible and unnoticed battle of spiritual warfare. Satan has placed a veil of lies over all his works so that they appear as good, and even righteous.”

“I have come to lift that veil with the Hand of Divine Love. This must be the century of truth and victory in and through Holy and Divine Love. This must be the age of triumph of Our United Hearts. All of earth – the seas, the mountains, the valleys cry out to Me for this victory.”

“Today in this area of the world, the signs of spring are all around you, and yet the air is chilled as though spring will never come. It is so in the spiritual world, as well. I am offering a springtime of new growth through the United Hearts of Jesus and Mary – a season of Love. Yet, all around you are signs – indifference, lack of love, even rejection. Still, I come to raise up a mighty army of apostles – apostles of Love. This army of Holy Love must transform the world. Some are soldiers of active duty – evangelization. Others are victims offering their sufferings much as a supply line. We must relieve the spiritually deprived and feed the spiritually hungry. Everything will be given that is needed if you but believe in Me, as I believe in you.”

“As evil is revealed in hearts and in the world, come to realize the power Satan has to deceive. Then surrender to the truth which is Holy and Divine Love.”

“Yes, My brothers and sisters, I come to you to summon together My army of Remnant Faithful. For it is through Holy and Divine Love and Our United Hearts that evil will be overcome, and the head of the serpent crushed. It is through this victory that souls will be made whole and the heart of the world and the Church will be healed.”

“And so, We extend to you today the Blessing of Our United Hearts.”