April 17, 2003
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate. Once again, I come to you to speak only the Truth. Solemnly I tell you, those who do not embrace the Truth are convicted by the Truth. Those who do not live in Holy Love are convicted by Holy Love.”

“To those who consider themselves Catholic, the Truth is the Tradition of Faith as handed down through the ages and through John Paul II. Catholics need to be familiar with Catholic Tradition so that they do not fall victim to compromise. The faith is all-embracing and must not be compromised by gender identification crisis.”

“For Catholics, the Truth is served by frequent reception of the sacraments with hearts of faith and love. The Truth is your faith which is given over to the protection of My Mother's Immaculate Heart.”

“These days many attempt to compose their own truth. I tell you, where faith is concerned, you cannot replace the Holy Trinity with false gods. Do not make false gods of your opinions, but turn your hearts to Heaven and come to Me.”

“Your peace is always temporary unless you have trustfully surrendered everything to Me.”

“Love Me as I love you.”