October 27, 2004
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“Child, you are pondering the fleeting of each present moment. Your knowledge of this is minuscule. There is no time or space that limits My knowledge of moment to moment events in hearts in every present moment. I would like to share this with you.”

“In every present moment a myriad of souls are passing from this world to the next, standing before Me in their final judgment. Most are unprepared. Every moment sees the death of life in the womb by the sin of abortion. Every moment sees hatred breed new plans of violence and terrorism which take root in hearts. Every present moment sees the injustice of hunger and disease around the world.”

“Do not mourn the moments which are past, but invest your heart in Holy Love in this present moment, for herein lies your salvation. Pray for those who do not pray. These are the ones most hurtful to Me.”