March 17, 1997
St. Patrick’s Day
Mary, Refuge of Holy Love

Our Lady comes as Refuge of Holy Love. She says: “Peace be with you. Praise be Jesus, King of Heaven and Earth.” Now she has St. Patrick with her. She says: “This saint sacrificed much and placed himself in much peril in order to convert Ireland. But you, my daughter, must resolve yourself to an even greater mission for your mission field is every soul. I do not place boundaries on the Holy Love message. Indeed, it spans the abyss between Heaven and earth. This saint, who stands here with me, had unwavering faith. He knew God's miracles would be granted in support of his mission. You too, my angel, will be sent amongst unbelievers, doubters, and those who will revile. But you must remain strong. Do not doubt. Every grace will be your support and stalwart allegiance. Expect the miraculous. You will endure and persevere.”

“I ask all of my children, and most especially those who have made themselves a part of the Bread of Holy Love Movement, to pray with me now for the important and unprecedented times ahead. There are too many who never pray and who do not know God. They lead pagan lives behind Satan's lead. We must pray that such as these come in contact with the Holy Love message. I want to send you to many lowly places, to my poor, to prisons, and to the spiritually-impoverished rich. You need only my grace to succeed. Pray with me that my plan comes to fruition.”

“I am leaving you. My blessing is upon you.”