June 20, 2003
Public (To Priests)
Blessed Virgin Mary

Blessed Mother is here and says: “My daughter, I come in praise of Jesus, My Son and your Redeemer. I have come in particular to address My priests who will come in contact with this Message–this Revelation of the Chambers of Our United Hearts.”

“Dear sons, you have been chosen by God to shepherd My children towards the light of salvation. Take into your hearts this spiritual journey–this call to salvation, holiness and even sanctity itself. Begin at once to make this journey part of your hearts and part of your lives.”

“The path I give to you is clear. I am asking you to set aside Church politics and official sanctions, for this is a message which is a healing balm upon the heart of a wounded society. Do not hold back its much needed application. The Messages will find approval in the future. Today, however, is the hour in which they are most needed.”

“Every kind of sin is prevalent today. The abyss between Heaven and earth grows wider. Current events lend a foreboding fragrance to the atmosphere. I tremble to think of God's justice. Through this Message souls can turn back to God and leave sin behind. I so desire that earth be blanketed with a mantle of love.”

“Our Hearts are your protection, your conversion in the present moment and your way of sanctification. Be My instruments and help Me to make it known.”