September 20, 2003
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate. I have come to help you realize that the Holy Spirit is busy inspiring souls to come into the Confraternity, as well as the Order of Priests.”

“While He is active in so many, I tell you the ones more mature in the Spirit do not speak to others about the action of the Holy Spirit in their lives. More often than not, graces received by the power of the Holy Spirit need to be kept between the Spirit Himself and the soul. The soul should share everything with his spiritual director. However, to make all graces he receives generally known can transgress humility itself and approach spiritual pride. If the soul's gifts become known to others, all honor and glory must be given to God, for indeed He is the source.”

Maureen asks: “Doesn't the Holy Spirit like people to give testimonies?”

“It all depends on what is in the heart at the time. If it comes from a heart full of spiritual pride (look at the graces I received) – ‘no' – if witness is given to show how the Lord is working to give praise to God – then ‘yes'.”