October 16, 2003
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate. I have opened the doors to the Chambers of My Heart to all humanity with intense ardor and eternal love. I offer these Chambers to each and every one–the sinner, the saint alike. To the unbelievers I offer faith. To the agnostic and atheist, the heretic and the proud, I offer conversion through self-knowledge. To the servants of love, I offer every grace they petition Me for, and more, if all is in the Will of My Father. To the slaves of Divine Love–to My slaves–I offer sanctity of heart and the assurance of everlasting life.”

“The slavery I offer is freedom from the shackles of the human will. It is deeper than union with the Divine Will. It is a burning love that dissolves the soul into the Divinity of My Heart. The two are not merely united, they are undistinguishable.”

“I invite you to be this–a slave, not merely a servant. Through you, I invite the world to enter herein and abide in Me. Choose it as I choose you.”