August 9, 2004
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, Divine Love–Divine Mercy, born Incarnate.”

“I have come to speak to you once again about unforgiveness. If love and mercy combined made a fine sauce, unforgiveness would be like a bitter herb that ruined the chef's masterpiece when he added it. Unforgiveness in the soul is like a deadly disease–insidious at the onset, but as a deadly cancer to every virtue.”

“Resentments and woundedness are unforgiveness. These are like introverted anger. These are a form of pride buried deep within the soul eating away at personal holiness. Resentments and woundedness come from disordered self-love. The soul cannot accept the wrong that was done to him as God's permitting Will. He cannot allow God to weave the tapestry of his own salvation. He cannot meet the challenge of becoming more humble.”

“I invite each one to surrender everything in the past to Me. Accept all the insults others have perpetrated against you with humility. This is how you surrender to forgiveness. Accept your own sinfulness and weaknesses. I do–I still love you and I forgive you!”