April 7, 2004
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate. I have come so that through you the world may be free–freedom is Truth. It is only by embracing Truth souls can reach the First Chamber of Our United Hearts which is Holy Love. The heart that loves God first and neighbor as self is living in Truth. All else–any other path is compromise. The soul compromises truth when he seeks to serve self above God and neighbor.”

“There are many forms this self-love can take–all of them based on pride. He may choose power, position and esteem ahead of his own salvation and in place of Holy Love. He may place love of money foremost in his heart. He may be self-righteous, spread calumny against another or presume that position and power are his salvation. He may mislead others through bad example. He may compromise truthful leadership for fear of loss of power or reputation.”

“When the Truth is compromised Satan's grasp is strengthened. This is why I tell you, Divine Love, Divine Mercy and Divine Truth are inseparable.”