May 5, 2004
Monthly Message to All People and Every Nation; 7th Anniversary – Feast of Mary, Refuge of Holy Love
Jesus Christ


Jesus and Blessed Mother are here. Jesus is in white and gold–Our Lady as Refuge of Holy Love. She says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

Jesus: “I am your Jesus, born Incarnate. How long and tediously I have labored to establish this bridge of Holy and Divine Love between Heaven and earth! Yet, some of My most enlightened souls choose to ignore it and only look for some alleged flaw in a Message or some supposed difficulty with the messenger.”

“This is the age of the United Hearts. The Hearts of Jesus and Mary reach out to be united with every human heart. Every difficulty that afflicts mankind and the planet itself would be resolved if man would choose God first and neighbor second. It is egotistical love of self that strains My Mercy and tempts My Justice. Indeed, the abyss between Heaven and earth yawns even wider with the abuses against life, innocence and devotion to materialism.”

“Within My Church on earth, devotion to My Holy Mother has become passe, even though I have sent Her to protect the faith and restore unity under papal authority. This is the reason I must establish and depend upon small ghettos of the Tradition of Faith which will support and become the backbone of the Church in the future. This holy prayer site is one of these remnants which My Mother covers with Her Mantle, and I hold in My Hand.”

“It is mankind's attempts to reshape the Church according to his human desires rather than My Heavenly dictate that has brought division into the Church. I have come to help you see that if you are living in Holy and Divine Love you will not have a personal agenda fueled by selfish ambition. You will only seek to live the faith I have given you according to the precepts of the true Church.”

“Further, do not look at these Messages of Our United Hearts seeking to make them fit your precepts–your standards. In truth, seek to alter your hearts and your lives to correspond with the Messages of Holy and Divine Love.”

“During these latter days before My return, I will intensify My call to Divine Love as never before. Souls will find in the revelation of Our United Hearts a peaceful solution to every situation.”

“As it has been 10 years since we first celebrated the feast of Holy Love, I am asking souls to return to devotion to ‘Mary Refuge of Holy Love'–My Immaculate Mother. Live each moment as consecrated to Her Immaculate Heart. Do not deny Her the joy of being your Mother–your Gateway to the New Jerusalem. Do not deny yourself the opportunity of being Her child–of feeling Her Maternal touch in your heart.”

“As I strengthen My remnant faithful and My call intensifies in hearts and in the world, I will prepare you for the New Jerusalem. You will be ready when the harvesting angels arrive with their winnowing fans. Certain events will unfold–events you do not foresee which will bring dedicated souls here. Remember My telling so.”

“If you desire to love Me more and go deeper into the Chambers of Our United Hearts, then sanctify your daily routine with prayer and offer everything with a loving heart.”

“Our Hearts are attentive to your prayers. And We're blessing you with the Blessing of Our United Hearts.”