May 20, 2004
Blessed Virgin Mary

Blessed Mother comes and says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“The Message concerning the illumination of conscience given in connection with a visit to this site was never meant to mean each soul will fall down in awe as the state of their soul is revealed to them on the property. It is wrong to leap to such a conclusion. The illumination may come to some in this way. Others will receive enlightenment when they return to their points of origin as to their faults and failings in Holy Love, or as to some past sin that has been unconfessed. Some may not be open to any of this and will continue to say they received nothing. How foolish.”

“It is like any grace. Consider the Eucharist, for example. Some receive many graces upon reception of the Eucharist because their hearts are predisposed. Others receive less. Some feel they get nothing from the whole experience. Does that mean the Eucharist is not real? Some receive My Son–Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity unworthily in a state of sin. Just as some come to the prayer site steeped in sin expecting every grace–even testing grace.”

“What I am saying is people receive graces according to God's Will in His Sacred Time Frame and in the way He chooses, not according to any individual agenda. The grace of complete conversion is always ready for each soul but God knows the best time to convict the heart.”