December 12, 2004
Midnight Service at United Hearts Shrine; Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe
Our Lady of Guadalupe

First Our Lady is here as Our Lady of Guadalupe. Now She is Mary Refuge of Holy Love and says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“My dear, dear children, tonight I have come as your loving Mother to free you from captivity. Satan would like to snatch you from My Immaculate Heart, but when you pray I protect you just as the little baby is protected by My teardrop in the Rosary of the Unborn. Your prayers are your defense and My mantle is your protection. My dear, dear children, I love you. I come to you because I love you.”

“I come during these times and at this holy site to invite all people to step into My Immaculate Heart through Holy Love. You must allow the Message itself to illuminate your conscience. Entire nations could be converted if they took to heart My words.”

“It is futile to look for peace outside of God's Divine Will. God's Will for you is to live in Holy Love within each present moment. Too many use the present moment to offend God even more. These are the ones who take human advice on how to be wealthier, more popular and more powerful. But when Heaven visits earth and offers advice on how to reach salvation, they scoff and do not believe. These have much to lose. My children, I weep for you, for so many innocent ones suffer at the hands of evil.”

“Dear children, you must understand that My coming here is not unlike My appearances to Juan Diego at Guadalupe. There I left My Image upon his Tilma. Here I leave the imprint of My Message upon your hearts. Receive it with joy and awe as you have received My Image on the Tilma. For like My image, this Message will last from age to age. As the Image withstood the elements and the ravages of time, this Message of the Chambers of Our United Hearts will withstand the ravages of controversy and disbelief.”

“My Son's second Incarnation will be within hearts who live in union with the Divine Will. This will come as millions are converted through this Message–more than have been converted by the Image on the Tilma.”

“You may wonder at My telling you these things (that the Message would convert millions). Dear children, I tell you this because the Message leads you into the Divine Will. There is not salvation outside of the Divine Will. The Divine Will of God is Holy Love. Everyone who enters Heaven loves God above all else and neighbor as self.”

“I'm taking your petitions to Heaven with Me tonight, and I'm blessing you with My Blessing of Holy Love.”