December 24, 2004
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate. Today, I have come to impart to you My Christmas Message to the world and to every soul.”

“I desire that each soul embrace holy littleness through Holy Love. This is most pleasing to Me. Let your hearts be as a lump of clay and allow Me to mold them into vessels of love.”

“Let your hearts be the manger where I transform an unworthy dwelling into a humble but worthy dwelling by merit of My Presence within it. Allow Me to take up My rest amidst the straws of virtue you prepare for Me to rest upon.”

“As I began My life clothed in humility and love, I call all people and every nation to return to love and humility. This is the way to overpower and defeat Satan. You see this as too simplistic a solution. I tell you, My birth in the manger was simplistic, yet My Presence in the manger was the beginning of My redemption of all mankind.”

“So today, I call you to return to humility and love by making yourselves childlike; then you will not miss the simple solution to the world's problems and the key to each one's sanctity–humility and love.”