September 25, 2004
St. Thomas Aquinas

St. Thomas Aquinas is here. He says: “Praise be to Jesus. The Lord has sent me to express these words to you.”

“Every Chamber of the United Hearts is clothed in the Divine Will of the Eternal Father. The deeper the soul is immersed in the Chambers of these Hearts, the more he is aware of the Father's Will for him. When the soul reaches the Fifth Chamber–Unity with the Divine Will–he becomes the Divine Will himself. This union makes the soul one with the Father's Will. Passing into the Heart of God the Father–the Sixth Chamber–is the enthronement of the Father's Heart within the human heart.”

“The deeper the soul journeys into the Chambers of the United Hearts, the more difficult it is for him to slip backwards through sin or human fault. The souls who reach the Sixth Chamber rarely leave. But then, few there are who reach the Sixth Chamber.”