July 13, 2005
Feast of Rosa Mystica; 9:00 p.m. Rosary Service at the Sorrowful Mother Shrine
Mary, Rosa Mystica

Blessed Mother is here as Rosa Mystica and says: “Praise be to Jesus.” (A personal message was given to Maureen.)

“Tonight I have come to address all people and all nations, most especially My priest sons and all religious. Be united, My children, in the Message of Holy Love. I speak to the doubters; I speak to the lukewarm; yes, even the arrogant and those who are imprisoned in habits of sin.”

“Be united in this Message of Holy and Divine Love. If you do not understand My call, dear children, it is because you have not listened to Me with your hearts.”

“Tonight your Heavenly Mother is blessing you with Her Blessing of Motherly Love.”