November 5, 2004
Monthly Message to All People and Every Nation
Jesus Christ

Jesus, Blessed Mother and St. Michael are here. Blessed Mother and St. Michael say: “Praise be to Jesus.”

Jesus: “I am your Jesus, born Incarnate. I congratulate your nation on its recent election. Your country will be spared further moral degeneration for another four years. We must work diligently now to oppose the convolution that is in so many hearts. Moral issues should never become political issues. A couple of decades ago it would have been laughable just to think of voting on the issue of same sex marriage. How obtuse consciences have become!”

“Once the dignity of human life was challenged, the door was open to anything being challenged. The key that Satan uses to compromise hearts on every issue is inordinate self-love. Yes, self-love has become an opiate for this generation. I have come to call this prodigal generation back to the center of its existence in time which is the Divine Will of My Father.”

“Today the term ‘freedom' covers a multitude of sin. I give each soul his own free will at conception. The decisions each soul makes from moment to moment are all part of this free will. These choices can be good or evil. Therefore, choosing evil such as abortion or homosexuality is the by-product of free will. When souls choose such evil they really become slaves to sin. The ultimate freedom is to live in acceptance of My Father's Divine Will for you in every present moment.”

“Do not think that you can sit back and ponder endlessly your decisions between good and evil. Once again I remind you–not to choose, is to choose. Your indecision not to oppose evil lends power to Satan. I have given you the laws of Holy Love with which to decide. Holy Love has four more years with which to strengthen hearts and fortify this country in righteousness. Each heart matters.”

“Understand that every affliction or trial can be used to either strengthen or weaken the soul. The more the soul accepts My Father's All-Knowing and Divine Will for him, the stronger he becomes spiritually. In your acceptance is your trustful surrender.”

“You see the recent hurricane season which wreaked havoc on Florida as a terrible disaster–which it was. But I tell you because so many accepted these trials in the light of Holy and Divine Love, a far worse disaster was avoided, for much evil controls certain hearts.”

“Today, My brothers and sisters, I am dispatching St. Michael and his warrior angels to protect the borders, the ports and every mode of transportation of this country from the evil that threatens them. What I cannot protect is the choice of free will that man makes within his own heart. Therefore, we must pray against Satan's tool of hatred, and we must make this Message of Holy and Divine Love known with courage and conviction.”

“We're blessing you with Our Blessing of the United Hearts.”