October 4, 1997
Blessed Virgin Mary

Our Lady comes in black (like a picture we were given as a gift). She says: “I am the Mother of God. Praise be Jesus.”

“My angel, I have come to help you understand in depth My mission here. While your country has flourished physically and has been made a leader among nations, it has failed spiritually to embrace the sound doctrine of Holy Love. The soul of your country has become easy prey for Satan's lies and compromise. And so… you have abortion.” She looks down sadly.

“Most people, it seems, look only to their own interests and do not care for, or love, their neighbor. And so… the innocence of many is scandalized for personal gain.”

“God has been taken out of schools in an effort not to impose upon consciences. And so… you have a lack of conscience in the general populace.”

“People view modern technology as their own doing and not a gift from God. And so… certain technology has become a tool of Satan.”

“All of these things have spoiled this nation and others from the inside out. Most do not realize it. This is why I have been sent here – to awaken hearts as to the spiritual apathy all around you. I come to draw you into the Refuge of My Immaculate Heart which is the way of your salvation. I come to lead you through this ‘way', which is Holy Love, to the Heart of My Son.”

“People must open their eyes and their hearts to the choices they are making. I have come so that you can behold the Woman clothed with the sun – the Woman of Revelations. Recognize the apocalypse is upon you. Then hasten to your conversion.”

“My daughter, My angel, proclaim it. I will help you. I will lead the way.”