April 16, 2005
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“For all time I have held these words in My Most Sacred Heart for you to record. Every present moment is woven into a great tapestry which comprises the soul's eternity. It is the cooperation between the free will of the soul and God's Divine Will that determines his eternal reward or punishment, as the case may be.”

“No two souls experience eternity in the same way–just as no two souls ever experience the present moment in the same way. The present moment is the summary of each one's past–his joys, victories, response to temptations and so on. All of this comes to play in the present moment. So then, each one has separate difficulties or ease in responding to the grace or temptations in each present moment.”

“The soul's response–for or against God's Will which is Holy Love–determines his reward or punishment in eternity. Even though My Mercy forgives the repentant heart, if the soul made many poor decisions against love in his life, he will not experience the same Heaven as one who tried always to live in Holy Love.”

“Therefore, understand that no two souls experience eternity in the same way, for no two experience the present moment in the same way. Understand, then, that to be in the Fourth Chamber or any of the Chambers in this life or in eternity is a unique experience for each soul.”

“It is a concept I will help you contemplate.”