January 1, 2005
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“The world has suffered a great tragedy in loss of life and property in the recent earthquake and tsunami. But while everyone can agree on this event as tragic, most fail to see the greater tragedy–the greater loss of life through the sin of abortion. In the natural disaster the world sees the visible loss of life. In the sin of abortion the truth of the far greater loss of life lays hidden and concealed behind the curtain of lies and compromise.”

“In truth the world should not be surprised by God's Justice, but should expect it in any form as retribution for the grievous loss of life by abortion. Understand how fragile and vulnerable all life is and learn from the recent tragedy the world now focuses upon.”

“Everything is subject to change, but can only be changed through transforming love in the heart. This Holy Love can span the abyss that yawns wide between Heaven and earth. Thus the loving heart can suspend the laws of nature and bring peace to warring nations. Love can restore harmony between man's free will and the Divine Will of My Father. Love can uncover evil.”

“Much lies just ahead. Many will stand convicted of false virtue. Pray for those who have given their hearts over to sin.”