January 6, 2005
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“Once again, open your heart to this Truth–humility and love are always found together in the heart if they are genuine. Stop and consider the counter traits to humility and love. They are pride and hatred–two things Satan develops in a soul that cooperates with evil.”

“But true virtue makes its home in the humble, loving heart. Such a heart is spiritually little and unassuming. Such a soul desires to be divested of honor and acclaim and takes delight in hiddenness. Always beware of the one who seeks recognition, who takes credit for the workings of grace and enjoys being in the spotlight. To such a one inspiration does not come from Heaven but from the adversary. A heart such as this is full of ambition, self-interest and promotes division instead of unity. Pray against all that opposes humility and love. Humility and love build up–pride and hatred tear down.”