September 21, 1996
Blessed Virgin Mary

Our Lady comes with Her Heart exposed. She says: “You are experiencing the bitter-sweet days before My Son returns. Never before has the abyss between Heaven and earth grown so wide. Never before have hearts been so compromised by sin. But, as these last days unfold and the veil between Heaven and earth is lifted, you will experience God's Mercy and Love in unprecedented ways.”

“Do not be surprised when I tell you My victory will come as a triumph of love. For My victory will unite every heart to Divine Love and Divine Mercy in Holy Love. In the New Jerusalem there will be no more impediments to love. God's Mercy will be confided to each heart to the fullest. All iniquity will be burned away through My Flame of Love. Spread this Holy Flame of Love wherever you go, My angel. For preceding these most important last days, it is mankind's only recourse towards reconciliation with God.”

“I come to you as a Mother who loves you and understands all your frailties. It is because of your weaknesses I come. When you are weakest the Flame of My Heart will raise you up and support you. Remain close to Me as I am to you. I am blessing you.”