June 10, 2005
Second Friday Rosary Service to Pray for Priests
St. John Vianney, Cure d'Ars and Patron of Priests

St. John Vianney is here and says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“Today our Heavenly Mother kneels at the foot of the Cross and receives into Her Arms with much sorrow the hearts of priests. She tries to mend the hearts of those priests who have been abandoned by their confreres and the hierarchy of the Church. She prays for priests who have lost their faith through heresy.”

“But Her greatest sorrow at the foot of the Cross today is the hearts of priests who are like they are dead–dead to the faith, dead to evangelization–and do not realize their roles in the salvation of their flock; for these She sorrows the most. Comfort Her, as I wish to be comforted myself when I look upon many priests today.”

“I'm extending to you my Priestly Blessing.”