September 27, 2005
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“Child, I call you ‘child' for I see clearly your heart. Look at Me.”

(He is showing me the wounds in His Hands.)

“The first nail was driven in by a pharisaical spirit – a spirit of self-righteousness and sanctimony. The second nail was driven in by a lying spirit – a spirit of convoluted truth.”

(Now He shows me the wounds on His Feet.)

“This wound on this (right) Foot was inflicted by a spirit of arrogance. My other (left) Foot was pierced by a spirit of rash judgment, which is the same as false discernment.”

“Knowing this, how can your crucifixion be different than My own?”

“Did I mention the wound on My Side – the wound which pierced My Heart?”

(He pulls back His garment to show Me His Heart.)

“This wound was given to Me by those who believed the false opinions of the Pharisees. They were led astray by falsehood. They saw only the authority of those who spoke against Me, and not the error of their opinions versus the good news I came to preach.”

“This should give you hope in persevering, for My message was proclaimed worldwide despite obstacles.”