September 25, 1996
Blessed Virgin Mary

Our Lady comes in white. She has many little hearts under Her mantle. She says: “Peace, My angel. I come to lead you deeper into the mystery of the United Hearts of Jesus and Mary. You see these hearts which are covered under My mantle of protection. These are the ones devoted to and who promote devotion to Our United Hearts.”

“In this devotion, I lead souls to see that Our Hearts are never separated but always joined spiritually. Our Hearts will not reign in the New Era of Peace side by side, but united and as one. My Son's Heart always holds supremacy over My Immaculate Heart. But in depicting Our Hearts as United, He shows the world that Divine Love is only approachable through Holy Love. Living in the divine Will is attainable by living in Holy Love. Therefore, it is mankind's ‘yes' to Holy Love that unites him completely to God. The greater his commitment to holiness in this way, the deeper his union with God.”

“Hearts that pursue this union are under My mantle of protection. My mantle remains around each one until he fails in love. In sin, My mantle is rent and the soul must by his efforts in love cover himself with it again. Especially protected are those who promote the Union of Our Hearts. I am blessing you.”