January 5, 2006
Monthly Message to All People and Every Nation
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“I come once again to illuminate the conscience of the world in truth. Love does not become compromised by truth and, I tell you, there is no such thing as a half-truth. A half-truth is a lie. I implore souls to be united in righteousness. It is only in the light of righteousness you will understand the importance of each soul and every heart in My Victory over evil.”

“Today Satan holds sway over hearts, portraying slavery to sin as freedom and rights. Under evil disguise of some imagined good, he has succeeded in removing any sign of Christianity from many public places. He has destroyed life in the womb in a universal effort to weaken My Mother's call to holiness and lead souls to perdition. In this effort, he has destroyed not only life in the womb, but the lives of those who participate in this sin–mothers, fathers, doctors, nurses–indeed, all those who sit quietly by and do not oppose abortion.”

“There have been unprecedented natural disasters around the world, especially within the last few years. This is the direct result of sin. So once again, I tell you, I have come to arouse the conscience of the world. Awake from your apathy and see that the path you follow does not lead to My Sacred Heart, but to perdition.”

“I hold in My Heart an ocean of mercy for all those who seek it with a contrite heart. True contrition is based on love–a love of righteousness. Righteousness is acceptance of the truth of good and evil, and the decision to live according to the Commandments of Love while avoiding evil. I await the contrite heart with My Arms outstretched. I hold no grudge against those who seek My Mercy. Turn to Me. Be united with Me and with one another in My Father's Will.”

“My brothers and sisters, today especially, I come to speak to those who are safely upon the spiritual journey that leads them through the Chambers of Our United Hearts.”

“I invoke your aid in converting those who are apathetic–those who are devoted to themselves and to the world. You must help Me to arouse the conscience of those who do not look to Me for guidance.”

“Today I'm blessing you with My Blessing of Divine Love.”