January 23, 2006
St. Catherine of Siena

St. Catherine of Sienna comes. She says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“People these days do not realize the moment to moment warfare they are engaged in. Satan disguises his attacks in many ways. For instance, a soul does not need to lose his temper to cooperate with the spirit of anger. Anger takes on many forms–unforgiveness of self or others, pouting, depression–even procrastination is a form of anger. When the soul cooperates with any of these kindred spirits of anger, he is playing into the hands of Satan.”

“Anger, as with any other spirit, is a form of self-love which is inordinate in desire. Self has taken over the center of the heart–replacing love of God and neighbor. This, of course, opposes unity and promotes conflict.”

“Remember, as well, when you find fault with your neighbor, you had better look into your own heart with honesty and with courage. Very often the same fault you see in your neighbor is, in fact, a fault you need to work on. Because Satan is a lying spirit, he convinces you it is your neighbor who has such and such a fault.”

“Keep your wits about you. Do not let your guard down. Before, you knew nothing of the enemy. Now, you know he is everything that opposes Holy Love in the present moment.”