February 10, 2006
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“Today I have come to help you see that the most important step in personal holiness lies at the threshold of entry into the First Chamber–the Immaculate Heart of Mary–Holy Love. It is upon this threshold the soul is engaged in the greatest spiritual warfare. It is at the entrance of My Mother's Heart the soul decides to believe or disbelieve in these Messages.”

“Some souls lie permanently vanquished at the threshold, giving in to the pride of disbelief. Others see the spiritual benefit they are being offered. They pick up the key to the Chamber of Holy Love which is the title and ejaculatory prayer, ‘Mary, Protectress of the Faith and Refuge of Holy Love, come to my aid.' Thus they are admitted and led deeper into the Chambers of Our United Hearts. Pray for those who arrive at the threshold.”