September 15, 2006
Midnight Service in the United Hearts Field; Feasts of The Triumph of the Cross 9/14 and The Sorrowful Mother 9/15
Blessed Virgin Mary

Blessed Mother is here as the Sorrowful Mother. She is dressed in gray and has two very large angels with Her–one on each side. She says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“Dear children, these days I am in your hearts and you are in Mine. Please understand that no opinions–even lies of others, no matter their prestige or esteem in the world–can change the truth of Heaven's predilection here at Maranatha. I come to you as a sorrowing Mother seeking the salvation of all of Her children.”

“Dear children, with docility, understand what I am here to tell you. Be wise as serpents and gentle as doves. A wound needs to be exposed to the air to finally heal. [She smiles and motions towards the scratch on my arm.] So it is with the bride. Her spouse allows her wounds to come into the light so that a healing can take place from the inside out. Some, in astonishment, say, ‘Look at the depth of the woundedness.' Remember, My Son is the Divine Physician, and can heal all wounds. He even has sent His own Mother to you as ‘Protectress of the Faith', a title which is healing in itself. So much does He love you and desire that you have only the truth, for He is the Truth.”

“Those who fear the impact of these apparitions here have spread malicious lies about their authenticity–lies that cannot, and will not, be justified in righteousness. Stop and think, My little children, who would oppose messages that lead you deep into holiness, deep into the Divine Heart of My Son? Who is the enemy of love and does not want your salvation? Who inspires you to doubt the path your Mother calls you upon? If you are wise, you will see Satan's fingerprints on all these attacks, lies and inuendos.”

“My children, you must realize the sequence of events that is taking place in the world today. You have the beginnings of a new tyranny–a tyranny such as the world has never known. It will be allowed to envelope all of mankind, portraying itself to be good, but proving to be the incarnation of evil. This tyranny will demand a new money system, worship of evil and, thereby, lead you into a one-world religion. You will not find a nugget of truth in any of Satan's plans for you.”

“Therefore, understand, that the truth is in your midst now in this Mission of Holy and Divine Love. Do not allow evil to convince you otherwise. Cling to the truth, and do not allow yourselves to be misled by darkness. You, My dear, dear children, are children of the Light.”

“Tonight, as children of the Light, allow the Light of Holy Love to shine through you, to encompass you and to embrace those around you. I, your Sorrowful Mother, treasure these times with you. I have received special favors from My Divine Son as He seeks to ignite all hearts with the Flame of Holy Love here tonight. In your hearts and in your lives, your Mother will place untold graces–graces you did not have before My coming to you tonight. Relationships with those around you will improve. Physical healings will abound. Stress will be relieved so that you can come closer to Jesus. Future difficulties, which have laid heavy on your hearts, will be resolved. What you doubted before, now you will believe. In all these things, remember to give thanks to Jesus, the One Who sends Me.”

“My dear, dear children, I am here tonight just for you, as you have come to console Me in My sorrows. I have come to relieve your suffering. My children, no longer fear or have anxiety in your hearts, for I am with you. The greatest graces are yet to come; be at peace. I'm taking all petitions with Me to Heaven tonight.”

“I'm blessing you with My Blessing of Holy Love.”