May 14, 2006
Mother’s Day
Jesus Christ

Jesus says: “I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“Today, as we celebrate the vocation of Motherhood, I have come to address all those who have found themselves in the role of ‘mother.' Perhaps you are fortunate enough in this present moment to have life in your womb. If so, you share with Me in the formation, nourishment and protection of new life. Do not listen to Satan's arguments that it is anything else but the body and soul of a child. Love the new life I have charged you with. Trust in My Provision.”

“If your children are grown, you must continue in your role as mother. Encourage them towards salvation. Protect them with no uncertainty from Satan's ploys. Always stand for what is right in My Eyes.”

“Perhaps you are a mother figure to one or many. This is an opportunity I have forwarded to you to influence the life or lives of those who look upon you as a ‘mother.' Urge them along the path of Holy Love.”

“Those mothers who are still raising their little ones must carefully stand guard over all that influences their minds and hearts. Sadly, you cannot trust educators to impart sound Christian doctrine anymore. Be vigilant! You must make your home sanctuaries of peace and righteousness–not unlike the Heart of My Mother.”

“Be joyful today and fall in love with Motherhood. It is God-given.”