April 14, 2006
Good Friday
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.”

“Publicly, I tell you this. There is no peace plan, summit talk or compromise amongst men or nations, which is more effective in bringing peace into hearts and the world than Holy and Divine Love. The scoffers will always be with you, just as they were present at My Crucifixion. Your prayer should be that their effectiveness upon this Mission becomes less and less.”

“I desire to loosen Satan's grip on many fronts where his influence is most keenly felt. As My Mother held Me close to Her Sorrowful Heart at the foot of the Cross caressing My lifeless body, I desire to comfort all mothers who sorrow for their children. Through these Messages of the Chambers of Our United Hearts, I desire to breathe life into a dying world–a world whose heart is apathetic. My Mother lovingly cleansed My Wounds as I was laid in the tomb. My Eternal Father desires the wounds of the heart of the world be cleansed and dressed in the healing balm of Holy and Divine Love.”

“Whenever you ask for Heavenly assistance in propagating this Message of Our United Hearts, you will receive it, even in the most unlikely circumstances. Never be afraid, then, to be My Hands, My Feet, My Voice amongst unbelievers. Witness to the world the power of Holy Love. Draw people to Me by your example.”

“I will abundantly bless you.”