April 16, 2006
Easter Sunday
Jesus Christ

“I am your Jesus, born Incarnate. Today I am risen. Alleluia! I am risen always in the tabernacles of the world. I am victorious even now in hearts that embrace the eternal truths of Holy and Divine Love. Alleluia!”

“I have come to your midst once again to help you to see that Holy Humility and Holy Love must always be united in the soul in order for the soul to be united to Holy and Divine Love. One does not exist without the other. If one of these–either humility or love is weakened–both are weakened. Learn to put all others first then. Have concern for others' needs. Consider your own needs last of all. Do everything for love of God–love of neighbor. Fiercely guard your heart to avoid self-seeking in thought, word and deed. Do not be zealous for reputation, but seek only to appeal to Me in littleness. I will give you everything–all that you need. Come to Me as a little child.”

“Every need of this Mission is in My Hands, from the rising to the setting of the sun. Much of what I have foretold is about to happen. I will be there with you. Alleluia!”