April 29, 2006
St. Thomas Aquinas

St. Thomas Aquinas says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“Sit at my feet and listen to me. You have been troubled about the power of St. Michael's anointing and the Shield of Truth. So here I am to help you understand.”

“Basically I am here to explain the power of free will. Once St. Michael came to you and said, ‘As much power as God has given me, I am completely helpless in the face of man's free will.' This is still true today. It is man's free will which chooses for himself salvation or damnation. God's grace invites, but God does not and will not force the soul to make righteous choices.”

“St. Michael's Shield and his anointing offer the truth, but the soul may, through his free will, choose to reject it. The lies of Satan cannot penetrate the Shield, but the soul with his free will may choose not to accept the truth, but to cling to the lies as he has in the past. St. Michael's Shield is an opportunity of grace. The added petition, ‘Mary, Protectress of the Faith, come to my aid,' extends the window of opportunity to accept the truth.”

He smiles. “Now, do you understand? You see, this is why it is so important that consciences be formed in the truth in the very young.”

He blesses me and leaves.