June 24, 2006
Midnight Service at United Hearts Field; Feasts of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary
Blessed Virgin Mary

Blessed Mother is here as Mary, Refuge of Holy Love. She is in front of a large image of the United Hearts. She says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“Dear little children, I come to you once again to draw all people and all nations into My Immaculate Heart, and so too, into the Eucharistic Heart of My Jesus. At the appointed time, chosen and known only by the Eternal Father, all people will be given the grace to know and to understand His Real Presence. Many will be drawn into His Heart by means of this forthcoming miracle. But you must pray, My children. Prayer unites you to God and helps you to recognize evil. The ones who are most in need of this miracle will be the ones most likely to reject it. Turn your hearts into a living oblation in imitation of the Eucharistic Heart. In this way unbelievers will be given more graces towards their conversion.”

“Do not waste the present moment speculating the nature or the timing of this miracle. God looks into every heart in each moment, and He alone knows the perfect execution of His Will. Allow your hearts to be at peace and your spirits to reflect always love. Then I will sustain you in the Father's Holy and Divine Will, bringing you into sanctification.”

“These days you must understand, My children, that Satan wars against truth. But Heaven has given you a means of defense. For just as in past days, Moses' staff parted the waters to allow his people safe passage, so today, you are given the Sword of St. Michael to separate good from evil–truth from untruth. What's more, you are given St. Michael's Shield as protection against Satan's lies.”

“In truth I tell you, this nation should be less concerned with the breach of its borders, and more concerned with the breach of life in the womb. For it is the treatment of life in the womb that will determine the future of every nation and its vulnerability to attack from without. It is Satan who promotes all moral degeneration in order to weaken you from within. Open your eyes to the truth. When you oppose the enemy in any way, I am always at your side defending you. If you do not give in to discouragement, we will win.”

“My dear, dear children, I remind you that you must be united in Holy Love, for this is the only way that you can be reconciled with your Creator. Do not use the technology God has given you to divide you, one against the other. Use it for the welfare of all humanity. Look after one another in every need. Then God, who created time and space and sees into every heart, will see after your needs. It is only in this way you will enjoy true peace.”

“My little children, you do not understand with what guile Satan attacks you. You must always pray to uncover the enemy's lies. All sin is a betrayal of Holy Love in your heart. The adversary has a higher intellect than you realize. He knows the portal of your self-love he can enter, and before you see his hand in your thoughts, words and deeds, he has made you an enemy of Holy Love.”

“Begin to see that your Heavenly Mother comes seeking your welfare, your salvation, and to offer you the safe Refuge of Her Heart, which is Holy Love itself. Do not make false gods of title, money, power or reputation. Have the heart of a little child which holds no guile or self-interest, but only love. I am the Patroness of the spiritual child that comes to Me in littleness.”

“My little children from Mexico, I have come to sustain you in every challenge. Remember, the power of grace far outreaches any evil. Remain, more than ever, united in My Heart through Holy Love. Let your lives be a prayer of love and a living example of Holy Love. In this way you can see clearly what your choices must be. My Heart is bending towards Mexico–helping you in every moment. My Triumph must reach your hearts first, before I can claim victory in your country.”

“Dear little children, during these last few days you have been experiencing here My copious tears (heavy rain and flooding). I weep for those who listen to Me say, ‘Pray, pray, pray,' but do not pick up their rosaries to help Me. The Arm of My Son's Justice grows heavy. I need your help–your prayers–to hold it back. Do not turn away from Me in this–the final hour–which decides the outcome of the battle. Turn your hearts over to Me, and I will make of them vessels of love. We will unite against evil; then we will be free in the New Jerusalem.”

“Dear little children, once again I come to you asking you to be united within Our United Hearts so that all hearts beat as one in Holy Love. Do not linger in your decisions. Choose always for the truth in the Spirit of Truth. I love you, My dear children. I desire to share Heaven with you.”

“Tonight I am taking all your petitions to Heaven in My Immaculate Heart. I am blessing you with My Blessing of Holy Love.”