June 25, 2006
Midnight Service at the United Hearts Field; Feast of the United Hearts
Jesus Christ

(Read: Matthew 5:1-12)

The United Hearts image appeared first. Then Jesus and Blessed Mother appeared with Their Hearts exposed. Jesus says: “I am your Jesus, born Incarnate.” Blessed Mother says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

Jesus: “Truly, I tell you, the extent and depth of My Mercy is unrecognizable these days, for no one can see nor understand the proliferation of sin in the world during these times. The world at large can be compared to Sodom and Gomorrah multiplied a thousand times over. What withholds the Hand of Justice are the small pockets of those devoted to prayer, especially the rosary and to the Tradition of Faith. Such a site is this Mission here, and also the areas it has reached throughout the world.”

“My Sacred Heart bleeds for those who make a mockery of religion. They will find no peace and be confounded by their own misdeeds. An accounting will be asked of them before My Throne. If you really understood the importance of My Words, you would never cease praying for such as these.”

“My Mercy falls upon the repentant heart–My consolation upon those described in the Beatitudes. In wisdom, model your hearts in Holy Love, and you will receive consolation.”

“Understand that the sun is setting on the generation of apostasy, and rising upon a generation of Holy and Divine Love. As the first rays of this illumination shine upon this site in the world, you will see the glittering Triumph of Our United Hearts take place. Because Mercy and Love, when they are genuine, are inseparable, the graces of Divine Mercy and Divine Love will pour down on the multitude who come here.”

“This generation of Holy and Divine Love will outlast Satan's attacks. Indeed, I tell you, it will reach into the New Jerusalem. Upon this generation I bestow My Trust, and they will be able to accomplish more than any generation in Love and Mercy. I confide to them an army of angels.”

“My Father wills that this site of the New Jerusalem become the doorstep of the world. Even your enemies will come in their need. Those who have opposed this site will find their arguments turn to dust in the face of new evidence of Heaven's presence here. It is beginning and continuing.”

“My brothers and sisters, tonight We invite each of you, and all of you, into Our United Hearts, which is truth itself. Brothers and sisters, you must always be searchers for the truth, seek it out before you act or speak; then you will be true instruments of God, and living in His Holy and Divine Will, which is Holy Love.”

“Tonight some will be healed; others will be asked to persevere in carrying their crosses with love in their hearts.”

“And We're blessing you with the Blessing of Our United Hearts.”