July 7, 2006
St. Thomas Aquinas

I (Maureen) was asking St. Thomas Aquinas what was the difference between God's Divine Will, God's Heart, Holy Love and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. They can't all be the same thing.

St. Thomas says: “Praise be to Jesus.”

“In one sense, they are all one; in another, they are not. You see, the Paternal Heart of the Father is, and always was, the existence of the Divine Will. The Heart of Mary was created in and through this Divine Will. Mary's Heart is also the perfection of Holy Love. What God creates is existing only through His Divine Will. But Mary's Heart, being the essence of Holy Love, is the essence of the Father's Divine Will, as well. This is because Holy Love best personifies the Divine Paternal Will of God.”

“What God wills and His Paternal Heart are two different things. Your puppies exist because the Father willed their creation. Yet, you cannot say they are the Divine Will–only that they are the mandate of the Divine Will.”